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Welcome to Sandy McHugh Wellness! Here you  This subscription entitles you to unlimited use of my videos and tutorials. New classes will be added weekly. If you have any requests please ask!


Unlimited access, practice when you want

Different lengths of classes

Safe and Easy to follow

Improved flexibility and strength

Beginner and Intermediate level

14 years of teaching experience

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I practice a moving style of yoga, with a long warm up and a cool down. I also add in strength elements in my classes that I learn from Movement Classes and Pilates classes. My main focus is grounding, creating peace and harmony in the body. For free demos please see my video page. For class descriptions see below.

This is a new service, so will be adding classes weekly.

At the moment, I have the following classes ready to go for you to enjoy.

8 Vinyasa, 11 Hatha, 8 Pilates, 6 Yin and 1 Tutorial

Feel free to join now, or wait until I build up a larger library of classes.

This membership will allow you to have unlimited access to all classes and tutorials on this site. Members are billed $25.00 monthly. 14 days written notice required to cancel membership. Cancelled memberships will stop at the end of the current month of subscription. No refunds will be given for partial months.

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Classes should always be adapted to suit your own body. The aim of any exercise program is creating strength and mobility simultaneously. We want to create harmony in the body rather than stress it out. If you are ever out of breath or feel pain, please slow down! My style combines years of experience and I believe that we should be adaptable to include new information and integrate them into our routines so that we are constantly improving, evolving and challenging the status quo.


* With these classes and any other exercise program, always follow the advice of your doctor or health practitioners.


I will be slowly building up the library of classes based on feedback, requests and what classes are more popular. Feel free to contact me with your questions or feedback.

Hatha Yoga is yoga that combines yoga postures with breath. It is a classic style with no set sequence. These classes but uses classic yoga postures suitable for beginner or intermediate students.

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing style of yoga where the poses are linked together fluidly. This class is faster than the Hatha style. These classes focus on breath and grounding. Suitable for intermediate students.

Yin Yoga is a slower type of class focusing on passive stretching. The poses are held for 1-5 minutes each. This style is great for working on flexibility and relaxation. If you have props to use, this would be great. I use a bolster and two blocks.

Mat Pilates is a floor workout done on the mat that focuses on overall body strength.with more emphasis on the centre of the body.

Tutorials are also provided to give students more information about different topics. They are designed to improve your exercise experience, also to make it more mindful and knowledgeable.