Specialty Classes:

I have had requests for special classes when modifications are needed. For example, being unable to weight bear on the wrist, unable to do downward dog due to the pressure in the head, or not being able to sit. I can create a class specifically catered to your situation. There is always a way to practice yoga. I will create a video for you so you can watch as many times as you like.

45 Minute class, Cost $80 + HST.

Private Lessons in your home or on Zoom:

1 hour session, Cost: $80 + HST. Discount offered for regular clients.



History and Philosophy:

I got my basic teaching certificate in 2007, then an advanced training in 2009, both at Downward Dog Yoga Centre in Toronto. In 2008 I left my corporate job to teach yoga full time. I have been teaching yoga ever since. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin. I also have years of experience teaching students with autism and other developmental challenges. I also have experience teaching the elderly and people with other physical challenges like Cerebral Palsy or other injuries.


I think it is very important to have a personal yoga practice. I have been taking yoga classes since 2002. I began with gentle hatha, then started practicing Ashtanga for a few years. Some of the Ashtanga asanas or postures weren’t feeling peaceful on my body and even caused me anxiety. My knees and right shoulder were in pain, so it was time to slow down AGAIN. When I began practicing yoga I stopped doing weight bearing exercises. I felt that since I had injured myself doing weight training that I should stay away from it. Lifting light weights was so boring for me. Yoga has many benefits other than physical, which is great. Doing yoga alone can make you hyper flexible and could cause imbalances. I am back to strength training again through Movement Classes and Pilates, and some basic strengthening exercises. I feel that in order to be balanced, we need yoga, weight bearing exercises and also cardio. I have been doing them all.


I practice a moving style of yoga, with a long warm up and a cool down. I also add in strength elements in my classes that I learn from Movement Classes and Pilates classes. Sometimes mobility drills are also added in.


I have studied with different teachers along the way. A few teachers that I have studied with more in depth are, Diane Bruni, Ron Reid, Delia Triolo, J-P Tamblyn Sabo, Tamara Berger and Cecily Milne.